D3 ODBC Client

D3 ODBC Client 3.5

The D3 ODBC Client driver for connecting applications to database servers
3.5 (See all)
Raining Data, Inc.

ODBC is the industry standard method for connecting applications to database servers. This widely accepted Application Programming Interface (API) allows a common interface to access both relational and non-relational DBMS systems through more direct methods and supports the Standard Query Language (SQL). The goal of ODBC is to enable ODBC compliant applications to access any ODBC compliant databases. This adds a layer between the application and the DBMS, which is referred to as the database driver. The DBMS vendor must implement the ODBC API on the DBMS and provide a client driver in order for this to work.
D3 comes standard with an ODBC server/driver, which consists of a package that includes an ODBC server and an ODBC client driver. D3 data can be accessed using SQL through this ODBC layer or through the D3 Class Library. If SQL is used to access the D3 multi-dimensional file structure, the multi-dimensional structure needs to be 'flattened' or 'normalized'. The D3 SQL-CREATE-TABLE utility is used to create a data map of a 'normalized' view of the D3 file, which is utilized to produce the SQL results. The existing D3 database structure does not require any physical alterations. For more information, please refer to SQL/ODBC Server.

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